Single ESC BL16.7 BLS 20A

Working voltage:2-5S
Maximum continuous working current:20A
Maximum instantaneous working current:25A
Support communication mode:DShot150/300/600 PWM Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot
Assistant software:BLHeliSuite
Firmware version:BL16.7
Product size:22*11*4mm
Packing size:9*13mm
Product net weight:6g
Package weight:8g
LED:comes with programmable LED external 5V power supply


high quality hardware
EMF8BB21F16G main control chip, operating frequency up to 48MHz. Imported mosfet, three-in-one IC drive, imported high-quality high-frequency ceramic capacitors. High-end PCB production process, the pads are all metallized to prevent the pads from falling off during use; 3 ounces of copper thickness, 6-layer board, greatly reducing heat generation and higher efficiency.

Highly integrated, compact
Built-in galvanometer, self-programmable LED lights, purchase new advanced SMT, after such a high degree of integration, the volume is about the size of a pencil, and the installation and wiring will become very simple.

Native support for BLHeli-S
Using BLHeli-S firmware, it has powerful performance and rich functions; and supports multiple ways to set ESC parameters, or upgrade ESC firmware (such as through the throttle signal line, use other development boards, or use the cleanflight or betaflight firmware flight control to communicate with the ESC) to configure or upgrade)

Hardware PWM, Damped Light
Hardware PWM drive motor, less noise and smoother throttle response. Damped Light technology, regenerative braking function, makes the deceleration of the motor more sensitive and effective, and the control is more precise; active freewheeling technology allows the battery to recycle power and extend the battery life;

DShot150/300/600 Ready
It not only supports ordinary PWM throttle signal mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot ultra-high speed throttle signal, but also supports the latest DShot150/300/600 digital throttle, with strong anti-interference ability and rapid response. The input and output lines use soft silicone wires, which are very durable, high temperature resistant, and easy to solder.