Beginner Drone Manufacturer in China

Vastskydrone is one of the top drone manufacturers in China. We have been wholesale quality intelligent aircraft products and services for small and large companies. We offer bulk drones for different types, industries, and functions, including GPS, obstacle avoidance, high-definition photography, one-button return, APP intelligent control, four-channel control, motion capture and other functions.

The company’s drone manufacturing plant has passed ISO9001 certification, GSV certification, IETP certification and BSCI certification, etc. The products meet international standards, and the products with independent patents sell well all over the world. As an experienced supplier of intelligent aircraft, we are equipped with high-speed automatic SMT production lines, plug-in lines, assembly lines; 4 automated aircraft assembly lines, wave soldering machines, injection molding machines, and our own mold manufacturing workshop.

Vastskydrone has been working in China as a trusted drone manufacturer and supplier for more than 20 years. With our many years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee the production of high-quality Chinese drones. In addition to manufacturing drones in our own drone factory, we also provide customization and design services to our customers.

If you are looking for a reliable drone company, you can rely on Vastskydrone. Buy drones in bulk from us and let us help you grow your business with our customizable and affordable products.

Wholesale Beginner Drone in Bulk

Vastskydrone has hundreds of wholesale drones in stock that you can choose from in our warehouse. They are suitable for different industries including agriculture, exploration, rescue, photography and many more.

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Customize Beginner Drones for Different Needs

drone features multiple obstacle avoidance technologies, including laser radar, visual analysis, and ultrasonic sensors. Additionally, we use GPS and terrain tracking technology for navigation and collision prevention. These advanced technologies work together to provide a safe and efficient flying experience.
high-definition camera drones offer various benefits, including providing high-quality, stable, and flexible filming. The most common types of high-definition images offered are 720P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K, but it’s essential to note that image quality is not solely determined by resolution. Other factors, such as sensor quality, lens quality, and data encoding, can also impact image quality.
The technology behind low-power return-to-home drones relies on two main techniques: preset flight paths and playback of recorded flight paths. In both cases, the drone uses sensors and chips to detect its current position and orientation and follows a pre-set flight path or playback of a previously saved path to return to its starting location. These techniques help minimize power consumption and reduce the risk of the drone being lost or damaged due to low battery levels.
Long-range drones are unmanned aerial vehicles designed for long-duration flights with high-endurance capabilities. They are equipped with advanced navigation and communication technology to operate effectively in complex environments and harsh conditions. Long-range drones can carry large payloads, including sensor systems, communication equipment, and electronic countermeasure devices, to accomplish a variety of task requirements.
Foldable DRONE
Foldable drones are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easily portable, allowing for quick and easy transportation. Their design allows for high flexibility in operation, fast takeoff and landing time, and increased safety measures that prevent harm to people or the environment. Foldable drones are easy to operate using wireless remote controllers, and their affordable price makes them accessible to mainstream consumers, providing a reliable and efficient tool for various applications.
The GPS drone is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and a remote communication system, which can establish long-distance stable and efficient communication with the control center. It also has an advanced altitude control system that can adjust the altitude to obtain accurate measurement or observation results. These drones are highly autonomous, capable of autonomously flying on preset paths and avoiding obstacles, reducing operational risk.

Get Drones in Bulk Step-by-step

02.Provide Customized Drone Designs Requirements
03.drone sample making
04.Sign the contract
05. Efficient drone manufacturing
 06.drone inspection
07. drone Shipping
08. drone Feedback

Benefit From Your Committed Drone Manufacturer

Wholesale Drone Price

Our high-quality drones are available at wholesale prices, saving you money and reducing production costs.

Fast Production Turn-around

We manufacture your drone products quickly to meet delivery deadlines without delaying or disrupting your distribution plans.

Free Drone Sample

Vastskydrone provides you with free drone samples to test and confirm that we meet your custom design requirements.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

All our clients are important to us and thus our MOQ is 100 pieces to accommodate large and small orders.

High Quality Drone

We are meticulous with our quality checks and manufacturing standards. Our goal is to offer you the best Drone.

Worry-free Aftersale Services

The vastskydrone team is on call at all times, and professional merchandisers will assist you with after-sales procedures such as warehousing, shipment and on-time delivery

Custom Beginner Drones at Vastskydrone

As one of the leading drone companies in China, vastskydrone can customize drone products for our customers. Not only do we manufacture drones, we design, store and ship them for you. So if you are looking for a reliable Chinese drone manufacturer, our company will be your best choice because we have the following advantages:

Customizable functions and systems

Vastskydrone not only has the core software development capabilities of intelligent aircraft, but also has its own drone mold manufacturing workshop, which can be customized including GPS, obstacle avoidance, high-definition photography, one-key return, APP intelligent control, four-channel control, motion capture and other functions.

10000 square meters manufacturing workshop

Our UAV factory is equipped with high-speed automatic patch production line, plug-in line, assembly line; 4 automatic aircraft assembly lines, enough to undertake orders of different types and quantities.

Professional R & D design team

Our R&D team has more than 30 people, and there are 10 masters with more than 10 years of experience, who can easily turn your design inspiration or needs into reality.

Buy Beginner Drones in Bulk

Vastskydrone goal is to produce drones that can meet the different needs of each customer. Besides being a beginner drone manufacturer and supplier, we also manufacture and supply professional level drones, enterprise level drones.

We have finished drones for you to choose from, but if you have special requirements for the functions of the drone, we can also customize drone for you. We can design them to match your brand and help you increase sales.

If you don’t have a warehouse to store your inventory, you can choose one of our warehousing plans. We’ll help you manage your inventory and keep it safe and sound. As for shipping, we provide express and air freight services. This will make Vastskydrone your best choice for buying bulk wholesale drones in China.

Consult Your Drone Manufacturer Experts

We help you avoid pitfalls and deliver the quality and value your drone needs, on time and on budget.

Consult Your Drone Manufacturer Experts

We help you avoid pitfalls and deliver the quality and value your drone needs, on time and on budget.